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Youth Motivational Speaker Ebony Louise talks and presents on Leadership, Resilience and Mental Health in High Schools.


Inspired by her personal growth journey, her mission is to engage and inspire young people to believe in themselves and grow into successful leaders in today’s society.


Ebony connects with youth by speaking from the heart about issues that young people are still facing today. She acts as their mirror by sharing her own personal stories of adversity and how she continues to grow into her best self

She helps students move from their own breakdowns to breakthroughs through three key pillars. They include:


  1. Healthy Environments: Understanding the importance of positive relationships and evaluating its impact on students’ beliefs and values.

  2. Vision For Success: Learning practical ways to setting goals that fuel their growth mindset and mirroring their dreams with their daily actions.

  3. Self Belief and Acceptance: Understanding the power of forgiveness to building a strong connection between their thoughts, feelings and self worth.


This presentation will help students learn how to:


  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Enhance their positive sense of self

  • Increase ability to bounce back from hardships

  • Build healthy relationships in home, school and overall life

  • Use strategies and techniques to setting and achieving their goals

To learn more about having Ebony present to your group of students to help empower them to grow into strong, resilient leaders please don't hesitate to contact us!


Lenita Abouchabake

Founder of Wellbeing Warrior, High School Teacher, Youth Speaker 

"I've had the pleasure to witness Ebony Louise speaking on stage and sharing her personal story. I was moved with the vulnerability and authenticity that she showed up with. It was so refreshing to have an empowering youth leader deliver messages that effortlessly resonated with the audience, and aligned with the themes of the event. I think every student in the room will remember her talk for a very long time."

Emma Lawes

Head Design Teacher at Lidcombe TAFE

Ebony is an engaging, bright and enthusiastic presenter. Ebony  is a positive influence amongst her peers and has a professional manner that exudes confidence and assurance.

I can highly recommend Ebony for speaking engagements and mentoring.

Adriana Andelkovic

Speaker, Event Facilitator, Business Coach

"I’ve been in awe watching Ebony grow over the last 2 years. From when we met 2 years ago to who she was 6 months ago and then today. I’m beyond excited to see the rest of her progress. 

I know her audience and the youth of today need to hear her powerful story over how she changed her life and continues to do so. So then they can feel empowered to do the same & see it is possible. It’s real, it raw and it’s powerful."

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