Ebony Louise

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Caring at heart, Ebony Louise is a Youth Motivational Speaker who is passionate about sharing her personal stories to inspire young people today.


As someone who struggled to find purpose and place in the world, she understands the pressure society puts on teens to have it 'all figured out'. Through her own experiences with working in different industries and investing in her own self discover journey, she has found her passion in guiding young individuals to find their unique version of success.


To help youth get on the right track, Ebony dives deep into opening up about her own hardships with seeking purpose, and how she has been able to defy the odds stacked up against her during her youth. Whilst listening to Ebony, students will find themselves resonating with her energy and enthusiasm, all while learning and applying her valuable lessons about mindset and leadership.


When not speaking on stage, Ebony can be found exploring a new corner of the world, spending time with friends and working on her latest creative and design projects.

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